How many people do the boats carry?

ORKNEY LONGLINER – 5 people (Max combined weight 375kg)

WHALY 435 – 6 People (Max combined weight 450kg)

WHALY 500 – 8 people – (Max combined weight 600kg)

DRASCOMBE LUGGER – 5 People – (Max combined weight 375kg) – before you ask, children are people too. PLEASE NOTE : HIRE OF THE DRASCOMBE LUGGER IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS WITH SAILING EXPERIENCE

When do I pay?
You pay the full amount for your Hire at time of booking.
Do I have to have a Credit Card?
Whilst we take debit/credit card and cash for the hire fee,  we will need a credit card for the security deposit against any damages.
Are there any additional charges?
If the Vessels are used in accordance with our standard Terms and Conditions then, no. However, please be aware that additional charges will apply – if :

1] Damage is caused to the propellor or underwater gear. Any such damage is your responsibility and you are liable under our standard Terms and Conditions of Hire. If you run aground you MUST turn off the engine immediately and call us. Failure to do so, resulting in damage to the propellor or underwater gear will incur a MINIMUM £75 charge and the credit card detailed on the Hire Agreement will be charged accordingly. Please ask to see the condition of the propellor before you depart. )

2]  Speeding – The maximum speed limit on the River Dart is 6 knots.  If you are apprehended, logged or reported, you will be liable for any resulting fine. For any signs you see for Dead Slow you must reduce speed so there is no wake. 

3] You go beyond Dartmouth castle. The boats are coded only for use from Dartmouth castle to Brutus Bridge Totnes and are equipped with trackers and will notify us if you go beyond these areas.  You will be charged £500 per incident if we receive notification that the “limits of navigation” have been crossed.

4] You are late in returning. If you are more than 5 minutes late resulting in a delay to the next Hirer’s departure time you will be charged double the hourly rate at the rate of £40 per hour, or part thereof, ( unless agreed with a representative of Dittisham Boat Hire prior to your designated return time. 

5] You set-off a lifejacket without just cause. You will be charged £25 to cover the cost of getting the lifejacket re-gassed 

6] If the Vessel is returned in a condition that the Company considers unreasonably dirty. The Hirer is liable to a cleaning charge of £50.

Is a discount available if I hire multiple boats?
Our mission is to ‘make the River Dart accessible to everyone’ and we think we have have priced our Vessels accordingly to ensure that as many people as possible can afford an unforgettable boating experience. This means that no further discounts are available.
Do I have to pay for fuel?
Fuel is included in our listed prices,  the one exception being weekly hires. One full tank of fuel is included at the start of the hire, with any additional fuel arranged by us at the pump price.
Are lifejackets provided?
The wearing of lifejackets is compulsory and are provided. We have all sizes to accommodate both adults and children.
What if I have to cancel?
Please notify us as soon as possible by PHONE CALL on +44(0)7711 177124 if you have to cancel your booking.  Only if we are able to re-hire for your Hire Date and Time will a refund will be given. 
What if the weather is bad?
Dittisham Boat Hire will determine if the the Hire cannot proceed due to weather conditions.  All cancellations due to bad weather as confirmed by Dittisham Boat Hire are non-chargeable.
Alcohol & Behaviour?
The Captain/Skipper as shown on the completed and signed Hire Agreement must be at least 18 years of age and must remain sober throughout the entire duration of the Hire Period.  Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Any reports of anti-social behaviour will be taken seriously, and your Hire Period will be terminated immediately if Dittisham Boat Hire management deems your behaviour to be of an anti-social nature. Please refrain from smoking on board the Vessel.
Do I need a powerboat level 2 qualification to hire?
No qualifications are required. We will complete a full handover before your time on the water begins.
What time should I arrive?
Please be sure to arrive in advance of your booked hire start time.
What if I want to stay out longer than my booked time?
During busy periods this may not be possible as booked clients may be scheduled after your booked period. Our staff will be pleased to assist wherever possible but there are no guarantees.
What if I have a problem?
The Vessels are well maintained and reliable but things do happen. If you experience a problem please contact us on the emergency number which will be provided to you. We are always available to assist.
Is there parking?
There are two car parking areas, The Level and The Ham. RinGo can be used to make payment. Machines are coin only and do not give change. Charges apply all days of the year including weekends and holidays.   Charges for 2021 are £2 for 2 hours, £3 for 3 hours and £5 all day (09:00 to 18:00). If you park at The Ham there are two ways to find us on the pontoon. If the tide is out, you can take a short 5 minute walk along the riverbank (right of the car park) and if the tide is in, you need to take the path located behind the children’s play area. Follow this path behind the houses and after a few minutes walk you will arrive at Manor street where you need to turn left and walk down the hill to the pontoon. If you park at the Level turn left and follow the road down Manor Street to the pontoon.
What should I bring with me?
Please remember to bring drinking water, sun protection and warm clothing if the weather is a little cooler.
Can I bring food & drink?
Yes of course – nothing quite like mooring up for a nice picnic and a drink. The Captain/Skipper as shown on the completed and signed Hire Agreement must be at least 18 years of age and must remain sober throughout the entire duration of the Hire Period. Please make sure that you take any litter with you and you leave the boat clean and tidy ready for the next hire. Thank you.